Safety-tip for Visitors

Due to the volcanic activity on the island which continues even today, Miyake Village has put several safety measures into effect. The gas emitted by the volcano, sulfur dioxide, can pose a risk to those who are unaware of the hazard, and to avoid any incidents we strongly recommend prospective visitors to read the Miyake island safety guide and Q&A; about the gas and its effects on the body. We also recommend receiving a medical check-up (especially the respiratory system) before coming to the island.

Access to Miyake-island

Liners run daily to and from Miyake Island from select ports. Permission to land on the island was restored after the evacuation order was lifted in 2005. However, a person who enters the island is strongly recommended to carry a portal gas mask during their stay on the island. Gas masks are available for purchase at Takeshiba boat terminal and on the island itself.

Regulation area in Miyake Island

Due to the emission of noxious gasses, access to some areas of the island is restricted by law. Please consult the Miyake Island disaster prevention map.