Geography of Miyake Island (climate and geographic features)


The island, located about 180 km southwest of Tokyo, sits nearly in the middle of the Izu Islands. Its coordinates are 34 degrees latitude, 139 degrees longitude.


The climate of the island is a mild and rainy oceanic climate, which is usually stable throughout the year. Due to the sea around the island, it is difficult for it to get too hot or too cold. The average temperature is a moderate 17.5, with cool summers and warm winters. On average, there are only 9 days with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees in the summer, and only 0.7 days below 0 degrees in the winter.

Average temperature by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
9.7℃ 9.4℃ 11.6℃ 15.5℃ 18.8℃ 21.6℃
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Des
24.8℃ 26.1℃ 24.1℃ 20.2℃ 16.4℃ 12.2℃