Annual Events

At Miyake Island, we present exciting cultural events throughout the year every year, which make full use of the rich nature and characteristics of the island for all visitors and islanders.

January 2nd Ritual Ceremony for Spirit of a Vessel

During the Ship Festival captains, boat owners and other participants share Omiki, sacred sake, on the deck of their ship. They also pray to the guardian deity of ships for a huge catch of fish and for the safety of every fisherman. From the deck participants toss mandarin oranges to the audience assembled at the port. Children and seniors alike, regardless of generation, everyone enjoys catching the oranges and brightening up the festival.

January 8th Gosai Shrine Festival

In the annual festival of Gosai Shrine, traditional Shinto dances known as "Kagura" are performed, accompanied by the Taiko drumming of the chief priest. In the final scene known as "Chin no Yodare", dancers swing their swords while wearing a wooden men's symbol. This scene is taken from a legend where the God of Mishima Daimyo, Kotoshiro-nushi-no-mikoto, even forgets his clothes in his rush to square off against a giant snake.

Early June Bicycle Road Race "Tour de Japan"

Due to the eruption of Mt. Oyama in Miyake Island in 2000, the annual bicycle road race had been postponed for many years. In 2007, the race was renamed "Tour de Japan," and has been held annually since. Riders may register to challenge for various types of cycling races, such as a hill climb race and other various cycling races.

The third Sunday in July Gozu Tennou Festival

One of the important ritual festivals in the island, the Gozu Tennou Festival has been held at Oshaku shirine in Kamitsuki district since the Edo era. In order to pray for a rich harvest, a great catch of fish, the safety of their families, and good health, villagers parade through districts carrying Mikoshi (a miniature shrine), while playing Taiko drums, and performing Kiyari (also known as Sakaki mochi, carrying a heavy load and singing traditional worker chants.)

The end of July Marine Schole 21 Festival

Starting in 2006, the Miyake Island Chamber of Commerce began holding the Marine Schole 21 Festival annually in late July. After the disaster of the Mt. Oyama eruption and subsequent reopening of the island, the festival has taken place for 4 years and has become one of the seasonal events. There is live music and traditional Izu Island performances by local islanders. Additionally, several booths are set up along the street to offer authentic food, local products, and lottery prizes to jazz up the festival.

For more information, please visit the website of the Miyake Island Chamber of Commerce.

The beginning of August Toga Shrine Festival

The Toga Shrine Festival is a biennial event and one of island's biggest festivals, in which all districts in the island participate. The Mikoshi parade starts from the Ako district where the Toga Shrine is located, and parades through five districts total, including the Igaya, Izu, Kamitsuki, and Tsubota districts. When moving from one district to another, the audience can watch the Mikoshi carriers adhere to the ritual ceremony for passing the Mikoshi. It takes 6 days to parade around the island.

October and November Festival of surf fishing

Miyake Island is one of the best surf fishing spot in Japan. Many fishing fans come from all over the country to enter this event every year. Competition is divided into various categories that participants can enter, such as "parrot bass," "large-scale blackfish," and "boat fishing." There are also separate divisions for women and children. In the evening, the top performers will be recognized at a reception decorated by many large flags depicting various fish.

Challenge Miyake Island motorcycle festival

It is a festival of the motorcycle begun in 2007 for the activation of Miyakejima.

For more information, please visit the website of the "WERIDE MIYAKE-JIMA".